Faith Presbyterian Church


While a church wedding embraces certain privileges, it also involves several practical considerations. In order to clarify these considerations, the following regulations have been established.

I.       WORSHIP:

A Christian wedding is normally to be celebrated in the place where the community gathers for worship.  It is a special service which focuses on marriage as a gift of God and an expression of the Christian life.  Couples desiring a church wedding need to consult with the pastor, however, the final authorization for use of the church building is given by the Session, the Board of the church.   Wedding dates will be scheduled by the pastor according to availability of date and in order of contact.  

A.      Any wedding ceremony performed by the pastor of this church is considered a holy rite and a worship service and will be treated in the appropriate manner.  It is expected that the pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church will officiate at the ceremony and will therefore need his approval.

B.      If the bride and groom wish another pastor to co-officiate, they shall consult with the pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church, who after inquiring about denominational ties and credentials, may, with Session approval, extend the invitation to him or her.

 C.      If you wish to use the organ it is expected that the organist of Faith Presbyterian Church will be asked to play. Any other organist will need to be approved by the Worship Committee of the church.   

D.      Photographers will be advised that no flash pictures are permitted during the wedding service. Video taping of the ceremony will be done from a stationary camera on the chancel or from the back of the sanctuary.  The sanctuary will be available after the service for formal pictures.


Please remember that marriage is "instituted by God," and the wedding “ceremony” is a worship service. The music selected will be appropriate to the circumstances and the church setting.   Contemporary or popular music is acceptable if it is appropriate to the Christian worship of God.  All music is subject to the approval of the pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church.


A.        Because of various church activities occurring during the week, the church will not be available to the wedding parties prior to the rehearsal day.

B.        The use of rice, birdseed, confetti, etc., is prohibited within the church building.   Please see that bridesmaids pass these items out to guests after the bridal couple has gone outside the building for the final time.

C.        There is a No Smoking regulation, which affects all areas of the Church.   No use of Alcohol (including champagne) is permitted on church property.  This includes the church parking lot.

D.        Please note that should the groomsmen’s attire include a hat, it is inappropriate to wear the hat in the sanctuary.

E.         The Bride and Groom shall agree that:
                        1.         They will replace or repair any items that are broken;
                        2.         They will return any items that are used or borrowed from another room, and leave the room as it was found.

The beginning of a marriage presents a larger responsibility to the pastor than merely officiating at a wedding ceremony.   The wedding is but a day, while the marriage is to be for a lifetime.  It is the privilege and duty of the pastor to help couples contemplating marriage to start building a life together.   In light of the alarming rate of marriage failures, there is great need to enter into marriage with thoughtful prayer and consideration.   Couples that seriously participate in premarital counseling will have a better understanding of what the marriage commitment involves. 


 Every effort will be made to aid you in making your wedding day special. The following paragraphs reflect church policy and tradition.

 Couples (at least one of which must be a member of Faith Presbyterian Church) should expect to meet with the pastor at least three to four times before the rehearsal and the wedding. These sessions will be separated by a minimum of two weeks and will focus on the couple’s relationship, expectations of marriage and upon the wedding ceremony.  While the pastor will try to accommodate and incorporate a couple’s ideas into the marriage service, he has final authority over what elements are considered appropriate to the ceremony.

 A wedding ceremony is a religious service reflecting the traditions of Christianity which are understood only through familiarity and practice. Because our congregation wishes to support the couples married here, the expectation is that couples to be married at Faith Presbyterian will worship with our congregation during their preparation period.  If there is a distance involved, the worship requirement may be satisfied by worshiping at a church in that area provided prior arrangements have been made with the minister of that church.