Faith Presbyterian Church

Our Vision

We See the Church Sharing Faith to Every Generation
In Order to Impact the Community of McHenry and Abroad
To Advance Christ’s Kingdom and Glorify God’s Name
As the Hands and Feet and Heart of Christ

We see a passion-filled church resonating heartfelt praise and worship of our magnificent and loving Father.

We see a gathering of believers relishing their time together in the presence of Almighty God and invigorated to serve Him with all their mind, spirit and strength.

We see people of all generations and races hungry for the Word and daily entering this church to become educated, coached, inspired, encouraged and challenged.

We see solid scriptural teaching, intentional mentoring, small-group relationships and leadership training developing prayerful believers into devoted disciples.

We see a congregation of followers imitating the love of Christ by diligently tending to the needs of the flock and actively being good neighbors in the community.   

We see a church passionately supporting outreach and missions locally and globally through direct contact and generous giving.  

We see people standing firm against the enemy of this world and living an authentic faith amidst the uncertainties of life through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.   

We see gifts of the Spirit discovered, developed and deployed with relevant service areas inside and outside the church.

We see leadership humbly praying and fasting as they turn to the Lord for discernment regarding the life of the church.

We see visitors entering open doors, feeling genuinely welcomed and introduced to the church, and actively exploring and participating in the church’s various programs and activities. 

We see the Light of the World extending into the community, reflecting a compassionate pastor and flock engaged in sharing the exciting message of the saving power of Christ.

We see a church open to innovative ways of communication, reaching out to the masses, making it easier for all to hear and understand the timeless message of the Gospel.We see Heaven on Earth, a community living in Christ Jesus and guided by the Holy Spirit—all children of God through faith.